The Speciality of Italy’s Tomato Sauce

Italian traditional food includes tomato sauce. They always eat tomato sauce. Tomatoes are called pomodoro in Italian. Tomato is very red in color and a juicy sun ripened fruit. In fact tomatoes are not a native plant for Europeans. Italians got introduced to tomatoes in the 16th Century. They named the round fruit as a pomodoro. Pomodoro means golden apple. It is hard to imagine Italian cuisine without tomatoes!

Traditional preparation of Italian Tomato Sauce

The Italian household women prepare fresh tomato sauce. They use their own tomatoes from their own house or backyard. This tradition of preparing tomatoes has become pretty rare in Italy. This is a fascinating tradition and most of all it is the original way to make it.

You need to collect about 20 kilos of tomatoes from the home farm house. Making tomato sauce from scratch is a very heavy work to do. It consumes a lot of time and effort. From hand picking each tomato to adding basil leaves into jars one by one. It has a far greater meaning than just preserving the harvest of the summer. It requires 4-5 people to do the process well. Traditionally the family members used to work together from generations to make a perfect tomato sauce. 

Harvest San Marzano tomatoes for the sauce

Planting 80 tomato plants, you can harvest about 200 kilos of tomatoes. After seeding them in the spring, tomato plants need two or three months to mature, depending on weather conditions. There is also a different variety known as Regina tomato. To grow tomatoes, it requires a lot of water and a lot of water.

The ideal tomato to make sauce is San Marzano. Because it doesn’t have seeds. This variety of tomato is a DOP-certified plum tomato, thin and pointed. This variety of tomato is grown in Napoli. It has a bittersweet taste. Thus it is well suited to a lot of Italian dishes. This tomato is beloved by all Italians. Keep them under the sun and later take them to boil. Boil the tomatoes in a big pot for 5 to 10 minutes. Tomato releases its own water while boiling. Drain the tomatoes, then place them in the strainer. The strainer will separate the pulp from the skin and the seeds. Now put the salt in the pulp which is collected in a vessel. Add salt to taste as per the needed taste. Also add sugar to remove acidity from the tomato. 

Fresh Basil to finish the sauce

Before adding the tomato sauce to the jars, you need to add the fresh basil leaves in the jar. Basil leaf adds a delicious smell and tasty flavor to the tomato sauce. So select the best basil leaves. So take off the stake and put a whole leaf into the jar.  Make sure you can preserve it for a long time. The filled jars are given a final boil for 15  minutes. This will also sterilize them. Then leave them to cool down until tomorrow. To check whether the sauce is perfect, you need to check that there should not be more liquid nor dense in the sauce. Once the tomato sauce is perfectly prepared. You can enjoy pasta with tomato sauce.