Top 10 best Italian Wines

Italy offers its residents and tourists the best climate, fruits and vegetables. Tourists will feel amazing in the land of Italy. They would never feel the same experience elsewhere. Its scenery, history and culture are very important elements. The food here is of a variety of tastes. And don’t think that Italy only has good pastas and pizzas. It is easy to distinguish between different flavors of pasta and pizza. But it can be hard to differentiate in terms of different types of Italian wines.

Let’s see the top 10 famous Italian wines.

1. Barolo 

Barolo is an Italian red wine, produced and manufactured in Barolo DOCG. It is a famous area in the northwest region of Italy, in Piedmont. This wine has extremely powerful aromas and dry essence to it. To prepare this wine, you need to store them for 7 to 10 years right after harvesting before one decides to try it out. Flavurs from this wine includes taste of Chocolate, licorice, blueberries, rose petals and even black pepper which makes it spicy.

2. Chianti – popular deep red italian wines

People correlate it with the wine and this is how important wine is. It is created in the central region of Tuscany called Chianti. This one is named after the location where it is created and not the name of a grape. Today people might know Chianti as red wine. The fact is that back in 1398 it was white wine. Moreover, Chianti is also very complex as there are multiple types available. The speciality of this wine is it can be produced in central Tuscany only. If you want to detect if the wine is Chianti or not, then just sniff out the aroma of berries, spices and earthiness.

Usually it is displayed in a straw basket called a fiasco, this wine is a high end wine of Italy and one that you shouldn’t miss out on trying.

3. Nebbiolo

Similar to Barolo, this wine also originates from the northern mountains of Italy in the region called PIedmont. As the name dictates it is produced by using Nebbiolo grapes and is one of a kind. This wine is the lightest one out of all others. However this might be difficult to find as it has a strong scent. It smells like roses and wild red fruits. It will give your mouth to experience different flavors like cherry, earthy tones and even coffee and anise. The wine experts always suggest pairing the wine with roasted lamb rack, smoked duck, white truffle and even pasta. Each flavor complements the other. It can give your mouth a sensory carnival like experience.

4. Brunello di montalcino

It is also under the classification of DOCG. The cool fact is this wine is made completely from a type of Tuscan Sangiovese. It is referred to as Prugnolo Gentile or Brunello. This wine has a rich and thicker texture, which makes its bold flavor even more prominent. As it has a high amount of Tannin, it will give you an acidic taste. This wine has two different methods of creation. That is traditional and modern ways. In modern way, there is a huge difference in the number of oak lactones leakage, and lesser in traditional one.

5. Barbera

It is one of the most high end and rich red wines to exist and be created in Italy is Barbera. This wine tastes amazing. It is available in affordable price ranges. This wine is cheap and can help you get the charm that would be expected from a fancier expensive wine. With the low amount of tannin, it has flavors of fruits such as dried strawberries, blackberry, plum and dark cherry as well. Experts suggest drinking Barbera wine within 2 to 4 years. Italy has around 52600 acres dedicated to the production of Barbera. For food suggestions our wine experts would suggest that you drink it with herbs , high tannin foods like braised greens, and dark means would do as well.

6. Franciacorta

It is allocated in Lombardy and thus named as Franciacorta. It is not named after any type of grapes. The area near Lombardy situated near the province of Brescia is a place where amazing high end sparkling wine is said to be produced. It is produced by a highly skilled and  hardworking lot. This wine comes under DOCG. The aging period is not much. You can consume it as it becomes ready.. For this wine aging period is not that much, you can consume it within 18 months. The aging limit can increase up to 60 months for famous riserva wines.

7. Lambrusco – cheap and cheerful Italian wines

Each different type of this wine is different in taste. Some might have a lower acidity level while others can come with high acidity. It is a very underrated wine. As people start realizing it, this wine is slowly coming to the market. This wine is always paired with food in Italy. The food with high fat content is often paired with the wine, as it helps to balance the textures. You can consume this wine as an everyday drink. 

8. Amarone della valpolicella

It has a dry and rich texture. It is produced by dried grapes, this wine is usually created in the northeastern regions of Italy. Amarone is high quality and a supreme red wine. It is an extremely powerful dry red wine that is bound to lift the essence of your meal. Around 2 years you need to wait for the harvest, when you’re ready to consume. The process of aging includes huge oak wood barrels.

9. Barbaresco

It is also created in Piedmont. Created entirely from nebbiolo, this wine, quite similar to the barolo wine, has a high amount of Tannin in it. You will get the essence of the dryer side. It is the finest wine in the rest of the world as well.

10. Sangiovese

It is made from the Sangiovese grape. This red wine is known all over the world for its distinct flavor. This wine has a rich and savory taste. Also has a wild and bold essence to it. 

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