4 Best Recommended Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas

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You need to select the restaurant in Las Vegas which satisfies all your needs. If you want a restaurant which has values, quality and ease of use then go for it. Here is the list of recommended restaurants which might support your needs.

1. Settebellobest pizza restaurants in las vegas

In the local public opinions it is the most authentic Italian Place. Its original location is in green valley next to green valley ranch. And there’s also one branch in Summerlin as well. They open from 12 to 9 everyday. Except they close on fridays and saturdays, at 10pm. Most of the public from the town go to citabella.

It’s a great day night spot because you also get individual sized pizzas. Suppose you’re not sure what the person that you’re dating or going along with them is. And you’re not sure what they like. You can surely get these individual sized pizzas for your first meetings. 

If you want a different kind of pizza and not this one. You have Italian-American pizzas, they have amazing crust as they are baked in special ovens. The best rated and liked pizzas is Vico which includes house made sausage fennel, red onions, mascarpone cheese, mozzarella, and basil. 

Also have the Settebello, the special from the Settebello. It includes crushed tomatoes, sausage pancetta, mushrooms, pine nuts and basil. They do have happy hour from Monday to Friday from 3 to 6 pm with random drink specials and appetizers.

2. Pizza Rock 

They make great Italian-American Pizza. Good place to take your date. They have two branches, one in downtown and one in Green valley. They work at different hours but generally they’re open from 11:30 Am to 10 pm. And the downtown ones open till midnight on the weekends. 

Best pizza like a sliced mozzarella house made sausage, pepperoni garlic and ricotta cheese pizza. For the spicy lovers or the picante lover, they offer the same. Such pizza includes hot spicy things like picante mozzarella, pepperoni, linguica which is portuguese sausage, chorizo garlic, calabrese peppers, serrano peppers, banana pepper, peppers ricotta, green onions and chili hot sauce.

They also serve Detroit style pizza which is a little bit different from normal pizza because it’s served in a square – rectangular shape instead of the normal circular shape. It’s also thick and airy crust similar to Sicilian style pizza for their Detroit pizza people usually recommend the motorhead which is pepperoni mushroom bacon sausage ricotta and basil. 

They have various pizza options like gluten free, grandma-style pizzas, wood fire, Italian style and even cracker thing crest style. They also have happy hours between 3pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and not counting holidays. Four dollars for Wells, four dollars 32 ounce pvrs and two dollars of wines, cocktails and beers. Also have appetizers and individual pizza specials for happy hour. 

3. Nora’s Italian cuisine

They are open from monday to friday from 11 am to 10pm and saturday sunday from 4 pm to 10 pm. They are open off of the flamingo jones. Most people like this restaurant because they don’t have a dress code. They do take walk-ins but the reservations are highly recommended. People go here along with their office or business colleagues. As it is very serene and not overly pretentious of some Italian restaurants. This place is the favorite place for most of the people as the menu ranges from 50 to 25 or even 28 dollars in the high end. Appetizers which include five risotto balls stuffed with peas, mozzarella and meat sauce.

4. Monzu – one of the best Italian restaurants in las vegas

It is an Italian oven and bar. Its interior decor is designed beautifully for dating guys and girls. It is known as a date night spot. This restaurant is open every day from 11am to 10pm and have live music on Fridays and Saturdays. This is the authentic Italian restaurant. Its menu is split into five parts. They do have appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and the main course. In appetizers people go for fried olives which is literally mixed meat stuffed with sofrito. There are squash blossoms which are zucchini flowers stuffed with risotto, mint, parmesan cheese and deep fried. 

In the Pasta section, they do have good options such as mushroom risotto, classic carbonara and a five cheese mac.

Now, the pizza options are fantastic. You can order two sizes from small or family size as well.

Pizza toppings include Indusia which is mozzarella, a spicy salami, walnuts and honey. Pizzas can taste spicy, sweet and salty. 

The special pizza at Monzu is a mortadella pizza, it includes taleggio cheese, mozzarella white sauce, pistachio pesto and basil.

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