Many cultures have celebratory and traditional events on December 31st each year. In some of these cultures, food plays a big role in those celebrations. When it comes to Italian traditions, specific food dishes are commonly served. Some of the dishes below are some of those customary New Year’s Eve Italian dinner dishes.

Trota Fungi e Carciofi

Trout, Mushrooms and Artichokes is a traditional Italian restaurant dish that can be traced back many generations. The mushrooms are sautéed in garlic along with the artichokes to bring out the flavor. In Italy, the fish symbolizes a fresh and new start to a new year.

Cotechino e Lenticchie

Sausage and Lentils is also an evening Italian food dish that is popularly served in New Year’s Eve dinners.  The Sausage is typically a pork sausage or pork and beef sausage blend. Traditionally the Cotechino would contain Pig’s feet and symbolized prosperity but these days it is usually not included by Italian restaurants. Just like many dishes, lentils also consumed as part of this traditional Italian dish and it symbolizes good luck and optimism for the coming year.

Other Italian Traditions

An Old Italian New Year’s tradition that is interesting to know is that people would throw out their old items out of their home’s windows. The streets would be littered with old belongings just after midnight. This symbolized acceptance and faith of what the New Year would bring.

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